West Pilbara Iron Ore Project

The West Pilbara Iron Ore Project (WPIOP) is a large iron ore and infrastructure project proposed for the Pilbara region of Western Australia encompassing integrated mining, processing, railroad and port operations. Stage 1 of the integrated project is centred on  multiple Channel Iron Deposits located 30 – 85 km south-west of Pannawonica.

There is potential for considerable project growth in subsequent stages underpinned by total JORC (2012) iron ore resources in excess of 2.6 billion tonnes. Future growth is supported by ongoing exploration activity across API’s highly prospective tenement portfolio, which covers a large area (8,000 km²) across the Western Pilbara region.

WPIOP Mineral Resource

A targeted and methodical exploration programme has progressively increased the iron ore resource base since exploration commenced in 2005. The API global resource base for the Project exceeds 2.6 billion tonnes, comprising Channel Iron (CID), Detrital Iron (DID) and Bedded Iron (BID) deposits.

Resources included in Stage 1, comprising the westernmost WPIOP deposits, contain more than 1.4 billion tonnes, expected to be sufficient to support a 25 year operational period.