The WPIOP iron ore resources identified to date are ‘direct ship’ iron ore, suitable as feedstock for iron and steel manufacturing without the need for extensive beneficiation to remove impurities.

The RHIOJV development will deliver pisolite iron ore derived from a number of channel iron deposits. Ore from the deposits will be mined to a defined schedule, crushed and blended to achieve a primary fines product of consistent grade exceeding 57% iron.

Based on sinter tests completed at the China Iron and Steel Research Institute (CISRI) in Beijing, the product may be used at levels comprising 10-15% in sinter plant feed blend, with the potential for levels as high as 20-25%.

The Hardey development will access bedded iron and marra mamba deposits targeting iron grades of greater than 60%.  These deposits are expected to yield lump and fines shipping grade products.